"Slowly we unfurl, as lotus flowers"

I'm Alex. I'm new to tumblr and I will post a lot of music.
also I am that annoying Radiohead fan you hear about (:



"they fried me yung they said ‘how ya glasses stay on ya face if ya ears is at the top of ya shit’ eem the teacher was dyin"

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Kel fucked me up with that question :|

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there is not a single about this that isn’t funny as hell

"There is not a single about this that isnt funny as hell"
Even if you remembered to insert “moment” i’d still be the most cliché tumblr post…also 4chan posted this in like 2010

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"Everyone else can fuck off because I only want you. I only wanna be wanted by you."
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Fuck you make me smile

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I wanna say things to you

But you know how it is…

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Facebook’s full of shit today

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